7 Easy Curb Appeal Tricks to Get Your House Sold

Curb appeal, of course, is just one way to attract potential buyers to your house but it is one of the first things that buyers will see either in photographs or as they drive by. Curb appeal is the number one thing that will get people to get in the front door and potentially make an offer on the house. If the outside of the house is trashy or need some serious work, chances are buyers are not going to venture inwards. If you want the very most … [Read more...]

5 Things Most Agents Won’t Tell You (But You Should Know)

In a way realtors lead a double life when it comes to their profession. Their first and most obvious role is that of a salesperson, their main goal is to sell or help you purchase a home that makes them enough commission to pay the bills. Their other role is that of a consultant. A good realtor that is looking out for you will advise you during the buying or selling process on the steps to take that are in your best interest. Sometimes these two … [Read more...]

Home Inspection Tips for Luxury Homes with More Amenities

Before you purchase a luxury home in Michigan, or any home for that matter, you should have the home checked out by a professional inspector. Purchasing a luxury property is a huge investment so why would you want to pay more money for a home inspection if it isn't legally required? Let’s take a look at why a home inspection is important in general  and some things you will want to consider when inspecting a luxury property. What a general Home … [Read more...]